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Commonly Asked Questions

Q-What equipment do we use onboard?


A-We outfit the boat with a variety of different tackle depending on the trip. Both conventional and spinning reels from Diawa or Penn paired with a rod from either Shimano, Jigging World or Ugly Stick. Top of the line jigs, plugs, and hooks.


Q-What should I bring?

A-There is dry storage for one small bag each.  Consider bringing rubber boots, rain gear, warm clothes, food, sunscreen, and drinks (beer is permitted).  Storage is limited to maximize fishing space.  There is a cooler and ice for the fish you intend to take home.

Q-Should I take Dramamine?


A-If you think you should then take it. It is cheap insurance after investing the money on your trip to make sure it goes smoothly.


Q-When and where do we meet for our charter?


A-The time and location will be discussed before your trip, but in most cases, pick-up will be at the Galilee Boat Ramp in Narragansett. Free parking is across the street in the large parking area.


Q-How many people can we take?


A-1-4 people depending on the charter; Captain Kyle will let you know the ideal number of anglers for the charter after discussing the trip you want to plan. 


Q-What’s the biggest fish you’ve caught and favorite fish to catch?


A-The biggest fish Capt. Kyle has landed was a 455lb shortfin mako caught 40 miles off-shore on the current vessel. After a four and a half hour battle the fish was harpooned and brought on board. His favorite fish to catch are sharks.

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